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Our values

Also, what we've seen working

For what we build

Reliable - Connected, Available, Secured
Customer centric
Woven into the city’s fabric

For our team


Transparency fosters accountability

We strongly believe that transparency fosters accountability. It also fosters feedback and iterations. By confronting ideas and views earlier on, we get to refine them, proof test them and solidify them earlier on as well. From a stakeholder management perspective, we get to build buy in around our project, which eventually will turn into support. From a team management perspective, seeking buy in by exposing our ideas, we value others’ specific inputs, which eventually fosters leadership, also ownership of our idea. In other words, I don’t believe in people working in silos and looking for a wow effects when they get out.

Ambition & impact

Make a difference

What matters is to make a difference. We play for the team, and we count in this team. We believe in the company’s greater ambition and want to make an impact by critically contributing. Eventually, we want to make a difference in our customers’ life by making it easier for them to move across the city, and this from the very first user. By developing an infrastructure deeply woven into the fabrics of the city, we are part of it and this is our ambition to have an impact at the city level with regards to soft mobility solutions.


Be humble, listen, and learn fast

The most genius idea can only be a starting point, potentially a starting point for competitors that will take it further and disrupt us eventually. Being humble forces us to listen and learn in an evergreen iterative process. With process comes efficiency and speed, eventually helping ensure we stay ahead of the curve and keep on improving our game. We bring in people that can grow, learn and adapt, as opposed to deliver the same show they have delivered elsewhere in the past.

Intellectual honesty

Best ideas wins

No hierarchy, no bureaucracy, no process should trim out the best ideas. Ideas must come from all parts of the organisation, be valued and confronted together with no consideration for where and who they come from. Only the best ideas must eventually prevail, based on their own merit, benefiting from broad unchallenged support, as we acknowledge those that are better than our initial thoughts. This fosters creativity and innovation, team engagement and pragmatism.


Have faith in people, in the process, in the organisation

We believe having faith in people and assuming good intent is the best way to engage in relationships and foster trust across the organisation. Taking a leap of faith with individuals fosters trustworthiness in response, and shows leadership. But to foster trust in and across the organisation, our team must trust its processes. When teams trust each other, when individuals trust the processes in place, the overall organisation becomes organically trustworthy, a key long-term asset in many respects.


Care is core

We care about each other as a team, we care about our customers, we care about our partners. But unilateral care can be detrimental to relationships. Balanced care is powerful in that it leads to constructive, iterative and fruitful relationships. We care and expect care. In other words, a brilliant partner turned bully will destroy value eventually.


Embrace ambiguity

Our world is complex and changing. To navigate it and thrive in the real world, as individuals, as a team and as a business, we must embrace it as it is and move forward making calls despite this ambiguity. In other words, be wary of intellectual shortcuts, short, neat and all encompassing reasonings, as they may lead to missed challenges and opportunities. We continuously make bets, take decisions based on available information to move, but also continuously learn and adapt as the situation evolves.