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A partnership
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A free partnership for the cities

Sharelock is investing in the installation of its shared locks network on existing street furniture, the poles.

The installation is done without damaging the street furniture and does not require any work or investment by the city. Our business model is based on the subscriptions of our users.

A free access to bicycle mobility data

Sharelock provides local authorities with an access to a dedicated interface to monitor network usage data and better understand the mobility in the city. This aggregated and anonymized data is GDPR compliant and is accessible for free for the city.

Our belief is that a detailed understanding of mobility at the local level should help develop the most relevant mobility policies.

carte de chaleur antivol Rouen
carte de chaleur réservation antivol vélo Rouen
carte de chaleur trajets à vélo Rouen

A team dedicated to operational excellence

A team of Sharelock employees is present in each city to ensure smooth operations and user satisfaction. Our operational excellence is based on our adaptability and speed of execution.

We want to establish ourselves as a reliable partner of the territory and its players.