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Head of Marketing

Job Description

The interim head of marketing is responsible for crafting the initial marketing mid-term strategy and related tactics to boost brand awareness, reputation as well as acquisition during the beta / pre-launch phase.
Mission initially focused on Rouen’s Beta test and Seed fundraising.

What you will do

  • Leverage existing work done on branding and existing deployment plan to craft a mid-term strategy, bearing in mind fundraising imperatives
  • Setup, launch and run initiatives on select online and social media channels, Setup key performance marketing tools
  • Consider select targeted offline / street campaigns when relevant
  • Review and improvement of current website
  • Setup performance management tools, integrated with existing Tools

What we expect from you

The candidate will be able to justify a successful 5-10 year career path across the following sectors and positions:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Senior position within a key business unit in an industrial group
  • Operational experience in a high growth startup experience
  • Entrepreneurship

Special skills:

  • Strong analytical skills, including SQL
  • Ability to to recruit, train and manage 10-20 people teams
  • Solid knowledge of performance marketing levers
  • Strong ability to deal with ambiguity, move fast and take risks

About Sharelock

SHARELOCK develops, deploys and operates a network of shared locks, accessible via an app., through a subscription based service, at no cost for cities. This innovative lock features sensors allowing for user notifications in case of theft. A EUR 200 lump sum reimbursement is automatically triggered in case of theft, thanks to a fully digital solution developed in partnership with an insurance provider.

To cater for sustainable development imperatives,  public policies fostering bicycle usage have flourished since the 2000’s. If most of those policies have been focusing on equipment and cycling lanes, only limited attention has been given to secured parking, despite being at the very core of the bicycle system.

Starting from the fact that parking and theft constitute the key obstacle to bicycle usage in cities, Nicolas LOUVET and Alexandre MOLLA, both fiercely passionate about mobility, have launched SHARELOCK, an innovative response to the secured parking challenge at scale, in particular for bicycles.

6t-bureau de recherche. (2020). Le développement du vélo et de la trottinette dans les grandes villes françaises : une tendance confrontée au stationnement dans l’espace public. Rapport final.

To apply, please send an email with your Resume and Cover Letter to:

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